Let the Rant Commence!

So, i'm new here - atleast to the Street Sharks Wiki.   I probably wouldn't have even bothered to make a single edit had I not come across the Moby Lick page featuring 'Anal Sex Allegations' and mentions of 'Semen'.   I felt compelled to fix this in case some other poor soul stagered across this and actually took it seriously.   I was saddened to think that some idiots out there would go so far as to mess around with a wonderful wiki, a source of information about a lot of our forgotten pasts.

As such, I went out of my way to begin not only editing, but adding pages to expand upon the pages here so that hopefully just 1 person out there will not only read this, but look at the things that were added and take it upon themselves to go out there and buy street sharks on DVD!

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