Tentakill is a mutant creature that appears in Street Sharks.


First appearing in "Sir Sharkalot," the fearsome monstrosity that is Tentakill was designed by Dr. Luther Paradigm to kill off Sir Bolton and thus completely stop the line of the Street Sharks. The creature was stopped by Ripster and Big Slammu and was last seen chasing off Dr. Paradigm and his Seaviates.

In "Shark Jacked," Tentakill helps Dr. Paradigm and Killamari kidnap Manta Man's brother Ryan so that they can have him hijack the two planes carrying the Latonian President and the Coachnian President. After Dr. Paradigm's Genesis Satellite was thwarted by the Street Sharks, Dr. Paradigm, Killamari, Repteel, and Tentakill were apprehended by the Street Sharks. While in prison, Dr. Paradigm as Killamari, Repteel, and Tentakill dig a hole to get out of prison.

No one knows what the hell Tentakill is supposed to be.

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