Episode 1: Sharkbait Title Screenshot

Sharkbait - Paradigm & BoltonEdit

This is actually the very first episode of Street Sharks and features all the main driving factors behind each and every character throughout the series.

Dr. Paradigm is experimenting in a laboratory when he is uncovered by Dr. Bolton, the series protagonist's father.  Paradigm thinks he can perfect the human race, showing signs of some form of God complex.  He adds the DNA of some of the worlds most fearsome tyrants - the likes of  Genghis Khan, Ivan the Terrible, and Captain Cook to a Lobster and a Swordfish, mutating them into humanoid versions of themselves - Slash and Slobster.

Bolton is outraged, and refuses to help Paradigm and even goes so far as to try to stop him, when that fails he attempts to leave, only for a deranged Paradigm to not only lock the door but to inject Dr. Bolton with some vial of unknown DNA construct, mutating him into something... sinister.  

Bolton crashes through the wall and leaves Paradigm amongst the wrecked lab, shocked and stunned... that is, until he notices a watch laying on the ground.   Paradigm takes this watch, commenting on how he'd always liked it.

We fast-forward now to the following morning and Lena comments to Paradigm how Dr. Bolton never showed up for work and how unlike him that is.   She mentions calling his sons, to which Paradigm becomes elated, this, we contribute to the fact that he already knew how Bolton DNA would work and so his sons would be perfect test subjects, he tells Lena to contact them and tell them their father wishes to meet them at a specific location.  Lena thinks this is somewhat 'fishy' (pun intended) but does it anyway - commenting on how Paradigm was also wearing Dr. Bolton's watch.

Sharkbait - The Bolton BoysEdit

We see one of our titular cast, John Bolton - enjoying some eggs made by a contraption he's devised that runs based on his pet mouse, Hilary, running on her wheel.   This is unfortunately the last we see of Hilary, as she is all but forgotten about.    John is contacted by Lena and told that his father wishes to meet him at this specific destination.    He then contacts his younger brothers Bobby (the ladies man), Coop (The football player) and Clint (the lazy good-for-nothing). 

They all race to the destination to meet up with who they suppose is their father.   John takes his motorcycle, which appears to be a classic 1998 harley davidson,  Bobby takes his namesake's skates, Coop's on a skateboard and at the very last moment Clint lands on a jetpack. 

The Plot ThickensEdit

They are greeted by Dr. Paradigm, who expresses his pleasure at meeting them.  He tries to trick them into entering the laboratory, only for John to notice Paradigm is wearing his fathers watch.  Paradigm attempts to play it off, saying he is such a 'generous creature', putting emphasis on the word 'creature'. 

Bobby exlaims that their mother gave that to their father, and Coop in an angry voice bellows 'He'd NEVER give it away'.   

It is at this point that the Bolton Boys are introduced to the Seaviates (Slash and Slobster).  They are quickly stunned and placed upon operating tables, strapped down.   

Paradigm then begins the DNA Mutation process.  He injects the boys with various Shark DNA and, to his dismay, it seems to fail as none of the boys mutate - but Clint manages to break free of his restraints and stagger towards Paradigm, before passing out.   Paradigm checks Clint over, and deciding that they are dead, sees it as a massive failure.   He has the Seaviates destroy the evidence.    

Slash and Slobster ditch them in an old storm drain, where it is seen by a passing jogger.   However before the jogger can return with the police - the storm drain carries the Bolton Boys away.

The Experiment Was NOT A Failure.Edit

The Bolton Boys awake some time later and manage to stagger out of the storm drain, hungry and confused.  They head to a nearby burger van and are just about to chow down when the mutant DNA takes effect.

John Bolton becomes a Great White Shark/Human Hybrid

Bobby Bolton becomes a Tiger Shark/Human Hybrid

Clint Bolton becomes a Hammerhead Shark/Human Hybrid

Coop Bolton becomes a Whale-Shark/Human Hybrid  

Seeing themselves mutated, they become enraged at Paradigm, but before that - it's exclaimed that they're still hungry and they demonstrate a new and rather weird ability -  they begin to consume the burger cart, whole!  However they're interrupted by the Police, and are forced to flee through the nearby water.

The Sharks are... Good?Edit

Later they are seen burrowing through the ground, another new ability they've now demonstrated, and they encounter a woman trapped within a car on the freeway.  They opt to save her rather than let her die, showing they still have their humanity. This is all caputed by 'Guy in the Sky' in his Helicopter, and strangely Lena decides to inform her co-worker Bendz of this fact, and tell them exactly where they're going.    The Problem?  Bendz is already there, and the Sharks not only confront him but stop his van dead in its tracks.

Bendz exclaims that this is like something out of a B-Movie, to which Bobby exclaims 'No, it's me - Bobby'.

Bendz seems to take this all in rather quickly and before too long the Sharks are in his van and attempting to evade police capture.   This all culminates in them using a billboard to hide from the police.

However, Paradigm has also seen the newscast and now proceeds out in his helicopter with the seaviates in order to track them down.    They're found in their hiding spot and shot out.  Not only shot out but chased right into an amusement park, where they encounter a young boy who, along with bendz, names the sharks team.  'The Street Sharks!' as a way of explaining Sharks being there.  Ripster exclaims 'I like it.  I LIKE IT!'.

They then engaged in a battle with Slash and Slobster, in which the Sharks become buried underground - not for long, however as they soon break free - demonstrating their immense strength.

Paradigm tries tot rick them into going with him by exclaiming 'You will need to come with me - if you want to see your father', this backfires however as the Sharks attack him, Slash and Slobster and walk away with a big victory - that is, until the Tanks roll in....

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