Clint Bolton

Clint before being gene-slammed

Clint "Jab" Bolton is the lazy brother, but one of his hobbies is boxing. He appears to have some talent with mechanics, as he uses a jetpack in Sharkbait. When he transforms into Jab, he becomes a Hammerhead Shark, in which he uses his head as a battering ram. Jab also appears to be more in tune with his animal side than his siblings, roaring and snarling when angry or excited over something. Clint/Jab was voiced by Matt Hill in the 1994 TV series.


Jab and his brothers were gene-slammed into the Street Sharks and have been fighting Dr. Piranoid and other villains.

Ability and Powers

As a Street Shark, a genetically modified human/shark hybrid, he possesses great physical strength, speed, endurance, and durability. Resulting in the trademark shark dive that allows him to tunnel/swim through concrete like water.

Intelligence: Mechanics