Dr. Luther Paradigm

Dr. Luther Paradigm is the primary antagonist from Street Sharks. e He finally is arrested and put to jail for good by the president of the United States himself with the help of the Street Sharks on the very last episode of the show.


A brilliant genetic engineer, Dr. Luther Paradigm (pronounced pair-a-dime) plots to turn the whole world into loyal mutants. He was the one that created Slash and Slobster, transformed the Bolton boys into Shark Mutants, and their father into something else. During one such experiment where he was attempting to mutate Bends with piranha DNA, he accidentally crossed himself with it where he was named Dr. Piranoid as a result. While his mutation did not cause such a dramatic increase in mass he now has webbed hands and feet as well as a more piranha-like face. Also his mutation is unstable, he appears human while calm and collected but will change when under extreme duress (Similar that of The Hulk .)

During the episodes that had the Dino Vengers in them, he once gene-slammed himself with iguana DNA (which he mistook for Velociraptor DNA) and was renamed Dr. Iguanoid as a result.

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