Dr. Bolton when he was human.

Dr. Robert Bolton is a character in Street Sharks.


Dr. Robert Bolton is the father of the Bolton Bothers. He is only seen on-screen in the first episode, where he tries to stop Dr. Luther Paradigm's experiment, only to become his next subject. He transforms into an inhuman creature, only to escape. Afterwards, during the series, he is only ever represented by a shadow cast on the wall. It is suggested through the series that Dr. Bolton is helping the Street Sharks from the sidelines and keeps in close contact with his sons. He now lives to stop Piranoid and at the same time give other mutations refuge from the humans who fear them.

The episode "Shark Source" shows him beating Piranoid and his Seaviates to rescue a kidnapped young crocodile mutant. He goes on to defeat Piranoid, knocking off all his armor revealing his Piranha-like form, commenting that Piranoid has become something less than human (even something lesser than Bolton himself). The Street Sharks later find part of Dr. Paradigm's armor and a note from their father stating to add the part of Dr. Paradigm's armor to their trophies and that he will see them soon.

In "Cave Sharks", a transmission from Dr. Bolton informs the Street Sharks about Dr. Paradigm's waste-dumping activity and was also researching Bends' DNA to find out why he is immune to the gene-slamming process.

Robert shared a close relationship with his sons, frequently taking time from his busy schedule to join them in their favorite activities. He taught Ripster everything he knows about pool, could beat Streex at any video game, could out weightlift Jab without breaking a sweat, and taught Slammu how to work a barbeque grill.

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